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Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.
September 22 
NYC and Everywhere
Wear Blue

More on LONDON Peoples Climate Marchon Sunday, September 21.

More on GLOBAL Climate March, September 21.

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Ahead of UN climate talks and the Peoples Climate March this weekend, join millions demanding 100% renewables

Organised global citizens are the other superpower.

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You can’t feed your family with GDP. You can’t live in a rising stock market.”

"Growth hasn’t translated into gains in middle-class income."

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Perspective in Gaza (the David and Goliath illusion) by Art Spiegelman

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Gaza, before and after aerial footage, presumably shot with a GoPro ‘copter.

A mind-bogglingly stupid waste. We waste the planet and each other for the dumbest, greediest, most grandiose fictions. For example, everywhere. It’s a form of collective insanity.


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Ai Wei Wei is a water smuggler who navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink of calamity in this lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” short, the implied set-up to an even bigger story.

Short film. Eco-futurist. China. Beautiful. Amazing art direction.

A proof-of-concept, short film narrative reference.

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People’s Climate March, 9/21 NYC. Poster by Shepard Fairey

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Gaza, by Ibrahem Nabeel

Via @ggreenwald and @nw_nicholas: “If this was Tel Aviv I imagine the west would have something to say #Gaza”

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Ferguson Protests: Where Do We Stand? Russell Brand critiques Bill O’Reilly. Surprisingly good analysis of media, race and political economy. Funny.

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Palestine. Tire rolls down hill toward Israeli soldiers. Hilarity ensues.

لحظه وقوع جندي صهيوني من عجل ههههههههههــ مسخرة
Or, according to Google translate: Moment and the occurrence of a Zionist soldier hastily Hahahahaha Masquerades

Via @MaxBlumenthal

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Fight to the Death in Gaza - Sehrank Retouched

A cartoon - via The Independent - amended to reflect reality. Children are not caught between a war machine and a war machine. Israeli children are not being bombed by the Palestinian Air Force. There is a single war machine. It is killing children. (And the brothers of the victims are bent on revenge, to the extent that it’s possible without an army, navy or air force - or even an official spokesperson to go on the news.)


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Russell Brand on The Middle East According to Sean Hannity. Featuring Geraldo Rivera, and Gandhi.

Russell Brand on Twitter:
“.@seanhannity thank you for your education on The Middle East I made this for you and your boss @rupertmurdoch

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I’m generally astounded so many young filmmakers want to make movies in the Hollywood production style today, but they do. At the very point where cinema becomes digital and democratised, people want to emulate industrial production methods. Visual effects became digital, editing and film processing became digital, projection became digital, and even hardware became digital. DSLRs made cameras digital and miniaturised all the grip gear. It took the people off the dolly and shrunk everything like a Japanese chihuahua. Even lights are digital now; tiny, low energy, computer programmable lights. It’s amazing all this stuff happened - it is a gift! And it’s equally amazing there are so many people that don’t seem to get it. For the first time, the idea of the cinematic auteur is inevitably the dominant form of production. It’s no longer a tendency or theoretical construct, battling the studio system. It is the new dominant mode. The film industry may be in trouble, but the cinematic auteur is a new, much more exciting possibility.